Yasu box is a collaborative project based in Thessaloniki. We are from Poland and France and together combine 25 years of life in Greece. Our expertise as travel designers, tour guides as well as our passion for the culture, nature and gastronomy of the country helped create a network of small businesses.

“Yasu”, in Greek geia sou, refers both to health and greetings, and sends a playful, well-intended message.

Our goal is to offer selected goods from Greek producers, thus encouraging the local economy and presenting you with a new perspective of Greece. Some of our products are classics, but we make sure to include a few “off the beaten path” surprises to create a unique gift.

Always on the lookout for new partnerships, we aim to create a trusted community of producers, focusing on the quality and authenticity of our products.

We packed our boxes with traditional products and flavours that will warm your hearts with bites of Greece.

Let your senses travel to our olive fields and turquoise shores…


Kasia & Marion