Our producers

Halkidiki peninsula - extra virgin olive oil, olives and aromatic herbs

On the farm of the Monastery, there are olive groves and fruit trees. All seasonal vegetables are also grown. From the agricultural products of the orchards, the gardens and the pasture, dishes are prepared in a traditional monastic way. The priorities of the Monastery today are the production of new products with traditional methods and respect for the environment. The ever-increasing market demands have led to the need to obtain Food Quality Management & Food Safety Certificates according to ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 International Standards, as well as Certificate of Organic Products. The awarding of the products in International Food Quality Competitions is the best reward for this effort!


Halkidiki peninsula – honey, beeswax cream and propolis

The Georgakas family has been producing honey in the picturesque village of Arnea in Halkidiki for generations, and their passion was rewarded with a great quality product that won several awards internationally.

Thessaloniki - natural hand-made soaps

My Greek Soap is a laboratory for making excellent handmade soaps with the cold soaping method. The common love for natural soap led Penelope and Leah to dedicate themselves to study, search, research and create unique soaps. Knowing the handmade olive oil soap with its properties and weaknesses, and having a great love for natural soap made with the cold method of saponification, we decided to dedicate time, study, research and manual work to prepare a perfect natural product, with improved quality features in both its use and properties. Our goal is to highlight a Greek traditional product in an advanced form, attracting an ever-increasing audience to get to know the value & quality of these natural products, to try them, to love them and to adopt their use in his daily life.


Thessaloniki - organic herbal blends

Based in Thessaloniki, Rhoeco is a team of young professionals, ecology enthusiasts and herb lovers, who research, experiment, analyse and finally find decent and experienced producers to become suppliers. Their ambition is to revive traditional habits adapted to current demands while supporting the principles of ecology at all stages of production. The whole process is made by hand, with honesty and integrity.

Crete– raki & flavoured tsikoudia

Based in Crete, ByRaki flavors uses raw materials from the Greek countryside, such as orange, mastic, pomegranate, watermelon… To add unique tastes to the traditional “tsikoudia” (raki) drink. The team is evolving, creating, without copying and has an innovative character.

Big boukia

Halkidiki peninsula - liquors & ouzo

In Halkidiki, in a peaceful natural paradise, this family has been professionally engaged in viticulture, wine and distillation for thirty years. Their products are distilled in traditional still, made with passion, care and knowledge guaranteed by their second-generation experience on distillation.

Thessaloniki - essential oils

An innovative, Greek company, founded by two chemical engineers (father and son). It is based in Thessaloniki, which acts in the field of cultivation and distillation of aromatic plants, to produce essential oils. Their goal is to encourage and spread the cultivation of aromatic plants all over the country. The Greek microclimate creates ideal, environmental conditions for the development of aromatic plants, producing thus high-quality essential oils.


Trikala - hand-made beeswax candles

In Trikala, at the feet of UNESCO site Meteora, Jiota makes scented candles using pure 100% beeswax from the family hives. With her father, she produces honey and candles with the most traditional and natural methods.